Is Sports Data Analytics a good option to study in Europe?

Sports analysis or analytics falls under the umbrella of statistics/ data analytics. Sports analytics is applies mathematical and statistical principles to sports and related peripheral activities. There are two ways by which you can make a career in this field. A) By pursuing graduation in Statistics or Mathematics and then pursuing a course in Sports Management or Sports Analytics at post graduation/diploma/certificate level. B) You can pursue an under graduate degree in Mass Communication and Journalism and then go for MBA in Sports Management as Sports Analytics is taught as part of Sports Management syllabus too. C) You can also go for Undergraduate degree in Sports Management or Sports Science followed by MBA in same. However Option A and B will keep wider variety of career choices open for you.

In terms of country choices I would say to give preference to US and then Europe for studying sports analytics. You can even look for scholarships to fund your education. There are lot of universities offering courses in online format also. Please specify the level of education you are considering that is weather under – graduate or post graduate, to guide you better with college and country preferences.

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How will I know that my dream career will give satisfaction?

A career is made up of two parts one that involves the work that you do and second the goals of life that you want to achieve or attain through that work. For example, a person who takes up a career as a teacher or a professor may have a passion for teaching or mentoring or guiding the less knowledgeable ones. At the same time, his/her life’s goals may be to have a career that allows him/her to have some personal time for leisure, brings him prestige and respect as well as allow him/her to do research. In such a case, this will be the dream career as it is in sync to his /her life’s goals and is giving him satisfaction or contentment.

On the other hand, if the life’s goals were to earn money as well as have variety in daily tasks then even if he was teaching at one of the top universities/colleges he/she will not get satisfaction. Teaching is something which cannot have a lot of variety daily. You have to teach the same subject/topic again and again.

Hence before choosing a career(dream career) we need to analyse both parts of a career separately – the passion or what we want to do and what we want to have in life or our life’s goals. See whether they are in sync and then make a choice so that our dream career brings us satisfaction too.


What are some less known career options which have huge scope for settling your life?

There are a lot of emerging careers in fields like Immunology, Genetics, Public Policy, International Relations, Marine Sciences, Population Ecology, Habitat Policy, Speech and Language Pathology, Bio-Physics and so on and on. However, whether these career options or any of the popular ones will help you settle in life or not will depend on whether you and the career you choose are best fit for each other or not. You- whether you have the right skills, aptitude and personality which is required for that career. Career – whether the career is offering you what you want from life, in other words, is it helping you achieve your life’s goals or not. Each of us has different goals in life, some want money, fame and challenge, while some want the flexibility of time and opportunity to develop skills further. For some being of service to others and prestige is important even if the career is less paying.

Hence less known career options will certainly saturate less in future but whether it will help in settling your life will depend on what I have written above. Do identify your skills, aptitude and personality type and then choose a career.

Hope this helps!

Why should we focus on mental health and well being?

We experience chest pain and we immediately rush to the hospital. For conditions like high BP, high cholesterol, and diabetes we take pills daily without thinking about factors which contribute majorly towards these physical illnesses. Mental ill-health and Emotional stress contribute greatly towards these physical illnesses still we are reluctant to seek help for our mental health issues. Why? Why can’t we see a mental health expert if we feel mentally unwell? When someone rushes to a hospital with physical illness we show concern while on the other hand mental illness is considered unmentionable. Why? A person is labelled and judged if he/she seeks help for mental well-being. According to a recent National Mental Health Survey, approximately 150 million people in India are in need of mental health care and 80 to 90 per cent of these people failed to receive mental health care.

Understand what is mental illness-
Mental illness does not mean psychiatric disorders. It refers to a wide range of mental health conditions that affect your mood, thinking and behaviour. All of us experience mental health concerns from time to time but a mental health concern becomes a mental illness when it starts causing frequent stress and affects our ability to function, when it starts causing misery to us by triggering problems in our daily life at school, work, with family members, friends and other relationships. Signs and symptoms include-feeling sad or down, reduced ability to concentrate, excessive fears, extreme feelings of guilt, mood swings from high and lows, withdrawal from friends and activities, significant tiredness, low energy or problems sleeping, inability to cope with daily problems or stress and many more like these.
What we need to do –
Stop seeing mental illness as a sign of weakness.
Stop telling people to be strong and snap out of their condition. Instead encourage them to take help. Seeking help early can avoid it from worsening and many more complications. All of us have gone through this phase at any point of time in life.
Start talking about mental illness as a normal thing. If you have been helped by a mental health professional, share their details with your friends and family.
Whenever you feel mentally disturbed go and talk to a counselor or mental health professional. Learn new skills and find ways to stay mentally fit.

Wishing happy, healthy and fit life to all !!

What are the best career options after I pass 12th?


I do understand that making the right career choice is often overwhelming. Particularly these days when we keep on reading about so many different kinds of courses as well as careers, it makes it all the more confusing. Moreover, there is a lot of free advice available from everyone – peers, friends, relatives, acquaintances to add to that confusion. J

All of us always desire to have the best in life. Being best in terms of salary, company profile, job role and other perks is what success means to us. However, in my opinion, a career is something where you are making a choice for entire life so a career is best if you feel happy doing it. Going to the office or workplace every day does not make you feel burdened or heavy in any way.

Therefore it is important to discover your talents, personality type, strengths and aptitude. Getting a psychometric assessment done for yourself will be greatly helpful. A career that is in sync to these will be the best career option for you as you won’t have to struggle to excel. For example, Sachin Tendulkar may be a star cricketer but if you put him into singing he may struggle.

Besides while making a career choice you also need to consider your life’s goals like whether money is important to you or fame or Prestige. Some of us want a career that pays us well but should not bind us in terms of schedule and time which means Freedom is important. For a few a career is good that also allows them to have some leisure time at the end of the day. For some, a career is best that allows them to be of service to others. So you see each one of us have different goals in life and it is very important that whichever career we choose should be in sync to these goals so that we remain happy or content doing it.

Last but not least your strong or favourite subjects also play a role in determining your career domain.

Why is farming as a profession, not a respectful job?

Farming as a profession is and always has been a respectful job. Although it was never a preferred job in last few decades. Agriculture has always been a dis-organised sector and as we grew in size & population it further became dis-organised. Bad governance also had a big role in playing down this sector. The required amount of efforts were not made to improve the infrastructure and facilities for farmers. Lack of infrastructure like good roads, good schools in the vicinity, lack of hospitals, regular power supply, lack of supply of agricultural tools and equipment further greatly contributed to the downfall of this sector. While selling their produce the farmers were not given the right corridor and they had to suffer at the hands of middlemen. Stable income was not there. All these and other similar kinds of issues made it a less preferred job/career. However, this career has started picking up again as the government has now introduced a lot of reforms in the sector. Infrastructure has improved immensely. Funds are coming in. Organisations are there to provide the right support to farmers and farming professionals. Internet and telecom have also contributed greatly to bring back the lost sheen of this sector. Besides Ecotourism is also picking up. With metros and cities becoming a concrete jungle and pollution levels increasing people are preferring eco-tourism these days. If you have an entrepreneurial bent of mind you can do a lot and have farming as a successful profession.

Farming + Entrepreneurial bent of mind = Success & Good Health

What is the job of a sports counselor?

Sports Counselors are mainly responsible for the performance of an athlete. They can work with an individual sports person to help him/her to perform at optimum level or they can work with entire team to increase the performance at optimum level. They analyse each athlete’s strengths, weaknesses and motivators which influence his/hers performance. Therefore sports counselors often engage with clients in activities that revolving around overcoming mental barriers, increasing confidence, maintain self esteem and improving motivation. Complete focus is on improving physical performance of the sports person. Team building activities are also an important part of Sports Counselor’s role.

Sports counselling courses are almost negligible at under-grad level. Hence advisable is to pursue sports counselling as specialisation at Master’s / Post graduate level and PhD level. At the undergrad level one can choose to major in psychology along with Sports or Physical Exercise.